Scandinavia Bound

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The day is finally here!!! After 10 months of planning, Michelle and I are finally sitting at our Gate at the Oakland Internstional Airport waiting to board our flight to Stockholm, Sweden!

I was lucky enough to work from home for the first half of the day! By the time 1pm came around, I put my out-of-office on, logged off, and drove over to Michelle’s parents’ place in Redwood City, which is where we met up. Our long-awaited vacation was finally here!!!

We left our cars at their home and we took a Lyft to the Oakland Airport. We picked up some food at Chili’s at the airport and then hung out at Gate 25 until it was time to board our flight.

One of the things I absolutely love about traveling is all the different people we meet along the way throughout our trip! We met a girl named Taylor who was sitting next to us at our gate. It turns out she was traveling solo on our flight to Stockholm and then connecting over to Spain where she would be visiting her aunt and uncle for spring break. Spain is definitely on my travel bucket list for one of these days! It turns out Taylor grew up in Novato and currently goes to school at SF State. She previously went to the same colllege in Boise that Michelle went to. Small world!

People watching at the airport is very interesting. Tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way? We sat next to a group of about 10 friends who were all traveling together. I don’t purposely try to eavesdrop, but when you’re sitting in such close proximity and others are just talking that loud, it’s hard to NOT listen in on what they were talking about. So many non-chalant conversations about doing some hardcore drugs, online dating and the hook-up culture. Like I said earlier, very interesting!

Other than that, once we boarded our flight, it was very uneventful in the beginning. Michelle and I lucked out and had an empty middle seat between us so we got to somewhat space out comfortably without it being too cramped. The flight was a mix of getting some sleep along with excitedly talking about our upcoming plans,  mostly in disbelief that our trip was here and that we were actually en route to Sweden at that very moment.

I’m not exactly sure what happened but about the last 3 hours of our flight, I got a really bad stomach ache and then got extremely motion sick and had really bad nausea on and off. I was able to curb my nausea for a little bit by munching on the salty Chex mix we brought on and the salty pretzels prevented me from throwing up. During our landing though, the elevation really got to me and I sadly threw up not once, not twice, but THREE times. It was seriously the WORST feeling but I also can’t tell you how great I felt as soon as we hit the ground. Motion sickness is a real thing and mental note to self to pick up some. Aides medication and chewing gum for all long-haul flights from here on out. I’m crossing my fingers that this does not happen on our long flight home on 4/3!

Once we landed in Stockholm, we cleared immigration, checked into our hotel at the airport’s Clarion Hotel, rested up a little bit, and freshened up before we got ready to explore the city center!

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